Wallace Cameron Blue Tape 25mm X5m 2003004



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Designed for use in food hygiene areas, this Wallace Cameron blue detectable tape secures bandages and dressings firmly in place. <br>The blue tape is metal detectable, making it ideally suited for use in food preparation industries to keep cuts, scrapes and grazes covered and protected at all times. <br>The flexible tape moves with your skin to deliver complete flexibility and comfort, while the strong adhesive lasts a long time ensuring your bandages won't come off.

  • Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 12.3mm
  • Weight: 15g


Type Plasters & Bandages
Manufacturer Wallace Cameron
Brand Wallace Cameron
Colour Blue
Form Micropore Tape
Size 250mmx5m
Dimensions 250mmxL5m

£2.29 exc VAT

£2.29 exc VAT